Ballarat firewood supplies

When you use our wood - you are warming your house sustainably.


  • Dry wood is a relatively environmentally clean fuel.
  • It is low in sulphur emissions and leaves little ash residue.
  • Our wood is sourced from plantations (Lismore, Vic), not native forests.
  • Growing native trees can provide benefits such as an increase in biodiversity by improving remnant bushland areas and habitat for native fauna.
  • Plantations of native trees can be used to alleviate land management problems such as erosion, salinity, rising water tables and nutrient runoff into streams.
  • Burning wood (as an alternative to gas heating) helps to keep fossil fuels ‘in the ground’.
  • For every load of wood delivered, a Landcare group plants one tree. To see our trees type ‘GREEN DAY MARKETING’ into the search box at
  • Native gums are fast growing, renewable and readily available.


Winter is Coming.

At present, we have Sugar Gum (dried and split) for $130.00 / cubic metre, Messmate for $120.00 / cubic metre or Red Gum for $150.00 / cubic metre. All our wood is clean, dry and split.

There is no charge of delivery for orders over 3 metres and over in the Ballarat district. For deliveries under 3 metres there is a charge of $20.00.

At present (with the warm autumn weather) things are quiet and there is no delay with deliveries. This may not be the case as winter approaches. If you are requiring wood for the colder days please ensure you book in early to avoid waiting.

Contact Chrissy at Ballarat Firewood Supplies on 0407 522 338.

Ballarat residents may pick up their wood from the yard at 20 Kennedys Drive, Delcombe. This is available on from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 9.30am - 12.30pm or by appointment.